Akasha System – Vague Response (2016 :: 100% Silk, SILK093)

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My grandfather said it, his grandfather said it, and his mother’s father said it.

Okay, that didn’t happen. My grandfather, or his grandfather, or their mother’s father, for that matter were certainly not (that I know of) connoisseurs of high quality catchy dance-floor music.

I love the unreal, always changing and evolving sound of 100% Silk / Not Not Fun Records out of sunny Los Angeles, California. Responsible for quality acts such as The Cyclist and the recent double output on the imprint –“Beat At The Heart Of The City” and “Alabaster Thrones,” 100% Silk simply knows electronic dance music.

The 93rd release on the 100% Silk imprint is Akasha System’s “Vague Response”. Wow, does this release echo in terms of reputability, dancefloor anthems, and night-time vibes. I love Akasha System & 100% Silk’s collective output. “Vague Response” is the most technical, yet catchy house music you’ll ever hear.


Akasha System’s “Vague Response” released on August 8, 2016.


Title: Akasha System – Vague Response

Label: 100% Silk

Catalogue Number: SILK093

Written / Recorded: Akasha System (Hunter P. Thompson)
Mastering: Joel Shanahan

Country: US
Year: 05 Aug 2016
Genre: Electronic
Style: Deep House, Techno
Format: Cassette / Digital


1. Motion (04:51)
2. Afterimage (05:32)
3. Caves (05:28)
4. Vague Response (04:43)
5. Muted (06:26)
6. Last Call (04:02)

Review by AG, 9/11/18.

Akasha System starts the aural journey by fading beats from ear to ear, with a catchy, crunchy dance floor ripe anthem in “Motion“. Further melody emerges, but the same catchy groove returns in this short five minute sonic journey. In “Afterimage“, we witness a chilled house groove that slowly unfolds into complexity and subdivision, with a subtle but recognizable steady melody. You just can’t help but dance to this track’s layered and atmospheric sound. “Caves” returns to 100% Silk’s roots once again with huge, atmospheric bumps and crunchy late-night grooves. “Vague Response” delves deeper and deeper and evolves as one of the most catchy tracks on this phenomenal release. If you didn’t groove to “Caves,” you’ll have to give in to “Vague Response“. Further into the release, “Muted” pauses momentarily and then blasts the listener back into a sonic groove. At the midpoint of the track, unexpected grooves are sure to win this track over in a club setting. Lastly, “Last Call” is — well, you guessed it, the last call. This true after-hours dance track captures the pure feeling of late night club hours with energy and a mesmerizing melody.


Aesthetics are important…


…even if they are in the form of a lower resolution. 100% Silk does releases right. For any legitimate 100% Silk & Akasha System fan: do the right thing; buy the tape if you can find it. It’s all about the aesthetics…. and the music too.


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