Friday Artist Feature 01 (FAF01) + Interview: Oleg Mokhov

It’s Friday — about to be midnight. Suddenly, you know what time it is…

That’s right. The legendary music producer Oleg Mokhov’s “Midnight Love” from his debut artist album entitled “Halcyon Days” emits a crazy amount of nostalgia that always has me coming back for another listen. With track titles such as “Super Love Gravity,” “Bliss Life,” and “Flicker of Love,” you’ll be soaring in the clouds instantly after hearing tracks from this talented producer. “Bliss Life” is truly the first descriptive term that comes to my mind when describing Oleg’s productions.

Mokhov’s newest album, entitled “Massive Love” from 2017. The album art is beautiful.

Oleg Mokhov is an electronic dance music producer born out of Russia. He currently resides in the Las Vegas area in the US. Mokhov is a mobile-based production artist that travels the world with a backpack studio. Don’t let debut fool you. This sonic architect has released seven studio albums, one of which was signed and released on the wonderful Sun Sea Sky Productions Music Label. Mokhov also runs and owns his own music label, entitled “Mokhov Music“, where he releases new music frequently and on all digital download stores. Mokhov provides a myriad of free Remixes via Bandcamp; shows off his creative skills in the process by remixing different genres and always coming back to a blissful groove. Oleg has also appeared on numerous compilation contributions, and is a resident over at Sun Sea Sky. With the sheer volume and high quality tunes that Mokhov has been cranking out, he is not likely to cease producing uplifting, blissful electronic music anytime soon.

Various Artists – Of Tree (Sun Sea Sky – SSS084):

You can hear three brand new Mokhov tracks featured on Sun Sea Sky Productions’ latest organic forward-thinking compilation “Of Tree”: “Sea Dream,” “Sky Reflection,” and “Sun Teardrop”.

Russian-born world traveler and one-of-a-kind backpack studio producer Oleg Mokhov contributes the next three tracks. Loyal fans of Mokhov’s productions will expect blissful and euphoric productions but may be surprised by the variety of blended genres throughout these tracks. “Sea Dream” begins with a short melodic tease, immediately leading into a drum and bass breakdown. “Sky Reflection” provides a dreamy piano melody over clever synths. For the last track of this lovely trio and my personal favorite, “Sun Teardrop” immediately begins with Mokhov’s uplifting and blissful signature sound. “Sun Teardrop” literally reflects the title: exceptional beats for a sunny day…

A clever, attention to detail reader may discover Mokhov’s sneaky use of “Sun,” “Sea,” and “Sky” in this trio of tracks graciously provided for this compilation.

Sun Sea Sky kindly reached out to Oleg Mokhov, my personal production hero, to arrange an interview with him. I wanted to ask Mokhov a few interesting questions, as I have been a loyal fan to his music for quite sometime now; he agreed and made me reach cloud nine.  This is the result of the interview, and further forthcoming collaboration material will follow soon.


AG Interviews: Oleg Mokhov

AG: Ambiance Glitters

OM: Oleg Mokhov


AG: Do you have a specific memory attached to falling in love with electronic music for the first time?

OM: I do. It took me a while to get into music in general, and at first I even disliked electronic music, but eventually it clicked with me. I loved the futuristic abstract sounds that didn’t reference traditional instruments. It felt like an exciting alternate music universe with all sorts of sonic possibilities.

AG: Is there anything that you wish that you knew as a young producer that you know now after being in the electronic dance music scene for a while?

OM: I do. Don’t get rid of project files of your earliest tunes, or at the very least save WAVs instead of MP3s.

AG: Was your initial interest in electronic music influenced by a close friend or family member?

OM: It wasn’t. I got into electronic music myself. Of course, I initially got exposed to electronic music when others played it.
AG: Who are your favorite artist(s) right now?

OM: Aphex Twin, Autechre, and Boards of Canada. I keep coming back to them, particularly their ’90s tunes, which still sound timeless to me. I get excited and inspired by the combination of emotionally-hitting vibes, catchy melodies, unique non-trend-following sounds, and experimental-yet-head-nodding beats.
AG: Was there a certain defining moment that drove your dedication to be an electronic music producer for the rest of your life?

OM: There were two. After hearing BT’s “Godspeed” I went from being an excited listener to wanting to make something like that myself. What made me attempt to and fortunately become a full-time electronic music producer was a moment of reflection when I was a freelance writer. While writing I always wanted to create music instead, and I realized I should make whatever I’d rather be doing my main work. Besides having more fun in life, I felt that whatever you enjoy doing most you’d naturally put the most effort into, therefore providing the most amount of value to the world.
AG: How do you feel about file sharing, especially in a niche community setting?

OM: Positively. There are enough people that will listen legitimately, and those that don’t can still share and enjoy the tunes. Also, it could be a person’s only means of getting music at the moment, and I’d rather people hear the tunes in whatever way possible. Or it’s even a way of music discovery and previewing for someone that does listen legitimately. Besides, I’d be a hypocrite if I felt otherwise, since I got into electronic music through file sharing myself before I eventually started paying.

AG: Do you prefer digital media or physical media? Why?

OM: Digital. Possession reduction.

AG: Can you provide a bit of context to your latest artist album entitled ‘Massive Love’, which used exclusively the Massive synthesizer plugin?

OM: Creative limitation. I was already reducing my sound palette to synth sounds, bass sounds, and drum breaks, and Todd Terje‘s “Inspector Norse” inspired me to take a bigger conscious step. If a tune like that could be made with only an ARP 2600 synthesizer and sound uncompromising, I felt why not try what’s possible with making tunes using just one instrument. It’s sort of how an expansive blank canvas with unlimited colors can be daunting, but a restricted canvas and color palette can get you creating and exploring possibilities.
AG: Can you describe your unique style of mobile-based backpack studio production?

OM: My entire music studio is a laptop and earphones, and the aforementioned possession reduction allows for a tiny backpack. That makes traveling and making music around the world and in various locations easier and non-disruptive, which is fun to do and inspires.
AG: Can you talk about your ideology of self-releasing music?
OM: It’s about wanting to run my own business and gaining the benefits resulting from that. Having control over things such as release schedules, licensing, and getting music onto new services and stores as the industry changes. Owning 100% of my self-released tunes, thus maximizing profit from royalties and continuing being able to be full-time, allowing me to make and release more music which I hope benefits listeners.

AG: Is collaboration with any other artists on the table now or in the future?

OM: I’m open to collaborations, and I’ve indirectly collaborated via remixes like the ones out on Sun Sea Sky. So depending on when the reader sees this, there may be a collaboration with another artist out.

AG: What does the future look like for Oleg Mokhov? Can fans expect to see more material from you soon?

OM: Continued regular releases and hopefully better and better tunes. I’m constantly making music, so I strive to always have more material coming.

Thanks for your time, well thought out and articulated answers, Oleg. Excited to see you back on the blog sometime soon for something very special…

– AG

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