Pittsburgh’s Underground: Unparalleled Height & Ambitious Goals

Okay, let’s take it higher!

“Try, fail, repeat. We overcome!”

Vocalist David Kelly from the band Unparalleled Height is a dear friend that made a childhood dream come true. His band is making the best pure, uplifting, and melodic metal sounding music in 2018. For most potential viewers of this blog, a straight metal recommendation would be out of the ordinary…


I don’t know how he did it, but he did it.

…I know how he did it, David Kelly has always been an ambitious dreamer and fellow fan of those CHON bros. If you don’t know who CHON is, stop reading this article and go listen to their albums. Now that you have listened to CHON, Dave’s Twitter really states it best: Vocals in Unparalleled Height | Musician | Entrepreneur | Writer | Marketer | Follow me on Insta: @dave_uph


Dave looks focused…

We have ourselves a self-motivated and respectable hard worker front-man David Kelly. It’s no surprise that their band, Unparalleled Height has made it big in the industry. At almost 40,000 Facebook followers, they are a known band in many countries far away from their safe home in a small town located in Pittsburgh.

Dad (Marshall Boy) looks like he’s indifferent…

Per the band’s Facebook, Unparalleled Height was formed in 2011. It’s crazy to think how time files when you’re grinding at the industry and career you love.

The current roster of the band includes local heroes:

It’s been a little while since inception… (2011)

Congratulations on the success and massive growth that you have amassed in seven years, Unparalleled Height truly deserves the success for their unique and original metal, and from what I hear, forthcoming djent style?

Their latest EP “Resurgence, Vol. 2” is out now and it’s everything that modern metal should be and more; they say it best themselves:

Artist: Unparalleled Height – Resurgence, Vol. 2 – EP

Year: 2018-08-10
Genre: Metal, Rock, Groove Metal

1. Fortress of Fire (05:31)
2. Relentless (04:50)
3. Hell to Pay (05:29)
4. Allegiance Dies (05:30)
5. Before the Dawn (04:14)

Total length: 25:34

“…Our music is built around heavy riffs, soaring guitars, clean/dirty vocals, and blazing drums. We combine the elements of classic metal with modern metal, creating a melodic yet heavy sound…”

Resurgance, Vol. 2 lives up to the hype and dead-on accurate description of the band. “Fortress of Fire” explodes with Dave’s soaring vocals, CJ’s juicy riffs, Marshall’s clean bass, and Justin’s explosive drums. “Relentless” features Dave’s inspiring, super clean vocals — “I Will Prevail!” and one of the most amazing guitar harmonies I have ever heard in a metal track from guitarist CJ Masciantiono. “Hell to Pay” slows down the pace quite a bit to focus on some crisp drums – Justin Welling at his best. Inspiring ethereal vocals from front-man David Kelly return as the track eventually rounds out at slower tempo. “Allegiance Dies” begins with soaring uptempo bass, guitar and drums. Dave’s vocals come in at around the 20 second mark; this track takes a step back to a more serious tone — something everyone always needs to keep in perspective. In the last (and my favorite) track on this solid EP is “Before the Dawn,” because it displays Dave’s real life inspirational personality as an influence to others.


Stream Unparalleled Height’s “Resurgence, Vol. 2” on SpotifyApple Music, or Google Play Music.

You can be even more supportive of the band and buy some merch over at their Website or consider buying tickets to see these humble guys next time they are on tour…

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