Various Artists – Emotions Into Sound (2016 :: Silk Music, SILKSLC001)

Title: Various Artists – Emotions Into Sound

Compilation Release Date: 16 January 2016

Mixed and Compiled by Max Flyant of Silk Music

Label: Silk Music /

Catalogue Number: SILKSLC001

Genre: Chillout, Ambient, Electronic


1. Max Flyant – Emotions Into Sound [Continuous Mix] (01:24:21)
2. Puremusic – The Great (04:46)
3. Zimpzon & Braak – North (06:12)
4. Zimpzon & Braak – Aurora (06:08)
5. Deepshader & Nazca and Rob Phipps – Antikythera (03:50)
6. Unfabled – Solitude (05:48)
7. Puremusic – Take a Seat and Relax (05:52)
8. Alex Rize – Luminance Amplifier [303ized Mix] (08:47)
9. Deepshader & Nazca – Covered by the Blue Fog (03:22)
10. Liluca – Deeper Electronica (06:26)
11. Gravity Assist – New Hope (06:17)
12. Seagrave – Tick Tock (05:33)
13. Manu Zain featuring Patrick Baker – Stay Close (04:26)
14. Bryan Milton featuring Jama – Like a River (06:52)
15. SineRider – Together (05:42)
16. ElDera – Pacific Ocean (05:23)
17. Michael Witness – 18 Days (08:21)

Total length: 02:58:06

The main man behind the direction of this mix is Max Flyant, one of Silk Music’s most forward-thinking A&R members.


Featuring the likes of Puremusic, Braak, Zimpzon, Deepshader & Nazca, Unfabled, Alex Rize, Liuca, Gravity Assist, Seagrave, Manu Zain, SineRider, ElDera & Michael Witness, this continuous mix is sure to guide you through any difficult time in your life and point you in the right direction. Max’s excellent mixing skills really showcase the array of talent located within this mix.


Puremusic opens with the ambitious “The Great” to start this vivid journey with downtempo beats, perfect for reflection. Next in the mix, a fluid transition takes us to “North” and “Aurora” by Braak & Zimpzon. These legendary composers and talent take us on a 12-minute sonic journey filled with relaxation. As the fog on the mountain slowly becomes visible, architects Deepshader & Nazca show off one of the deepest tunes featured in their artist album, previously released on Silk Music. As haunting guitar melodies open this track, the echoes of Rob Phipps’ vocal chops grace us for the dreamy vibes presented in this one-of-a-kind mix. The next track, Unfabled‘s “Solitude” flashes back to old Silk Sofa Music days with downtempo notes and subtle melodies. Eventually, the BPM increases into Puremusic’s soulful tune “Take a Seat and Relax”.  After this tune ends, we see another transition into Alex Rize‘s Silk Sofa Classic: “Luminance Amplifier”. Now that we are deep enough into the mix, Deepshader & Nazca‘s central piano theme to their artist album, “Covered by the Blue Fog” graces us to perhaps listen deeper. Around the halfway point of the track, the beautiful piano melody is in full swing, drawing deep inspiration for an avid listener. Next, Liluca‘s soulful classic “Deeper Electronica” graces us, reminding the listener in the process that Silk lives up to tradition: Deeper Electronica is a must for chillout fans, and remains an important part of Silk Music’s atmospheric electronic background. After this song fades out, we transition to Gravity Assist’s “New Hope.” delving further into the deeper ambient electronica realm for six minutes. Seagrave’s “Tick Tock” focuses the listener into a deep state with haunting vocals and deep airy pads. Another listener favorite, Manu Zain’s excellent production “Stay Close” combines vocal efforts from Patrick Baker, and rounds out this excellent mix to ensure the listener understands the direction and curation to stay positive and focused. Bryan Milton and Jama come together for their collaboration effort: “Like a River,” featuring deep pads and breathtaking vocals. The amazingly consistent sonic architect, SineRider, is featured on the track “Together,” where we witness a sense of calmness and deep piano melodies. Further, the amazing baleric talent ElDera is featured in “Pacific Ocean,” wherein we witness deep atmospheric hazy vocals stacked on top of dreamy ambient pads. To round this truly breathtaking mix off to a close, Michael Witness appears as the final artist with “18 Days”.

Overall, this atmospheric ambient and chillout compilation curated by Max Flyant is a label standout from Silk Music, the excellent electronic music label out of sunny Los Angeles, California. There are many more inspiring and soulful mixes to explore from this great label via Youtube, or purchase via Bandcamp.


Silk Music’s newest artist album by the awe-inspiring beloved Dutch chillout & downtempo composer Allay entitled “Journey Of The Velvet Adorned Nomad” arrives worldwide to all digital distributors on 7 September 2018 and features wonderful collaborators in almost every single track. This fourteen track masterpiece features collaborators Jan Martin, Delectatio, Jani R, Skyknock, The Cynic Project,  Narrow Skies, Skyline Drive, Rod V. ElDera, Andevour, and SineRider. All of these high quality artists have provided contributions to Silk previously and bring unique, inspiring sounds to the table for this legendary artist album.

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