Codes In The Clouds – As The Spirit Wanes (2011 :: Erased Tapes, ERATP027)

Title: Codes In The Clouds – As The Spirit Wanes

Album Release Date: 14 Jan, 2011

Written/Produced: Codes In The Clouds /

Label: Erased Tapes /

Catalogue Number: ERATP027

Genre: Post Rock

Codes In The Clouds are an English rock band hailing from Dartford, Kent.

In 2011, this album absolutely blew up. Previous work for Erased Tapes includes one other album, a remix compilation, and a two-track EP. Dear beloved Codes In The Clouds have promised new material, and I’m personally quite excited to hear it.



1. Where Dirt Meets Water (04:54)
2. Look Back, Look Up (03:20)
3. You And I Change Like Seasons (05:20)
4. We Were Alive, Together (First Position) (01:42)
5. Washington (04:30)
6. The Reason In Madness, In Love (03:54)
7. Cold Calls (04:14)
8. If I’d Have Known It Was The Last (Second Position) (01:52)
9. The Tragedian (04:34)
10. Your Panopticon (04:39)

Total length: 38:59

“As the Spirit Wanes” starts out with hopeful guitar chords in “Where Dirt Meets Water.” Next, “Look Back, Look Up” transitions to a light, airy, summary guitar melody that embraces Codes In The Clouds’ wonderful signature sound. Later in “You and I Change Like Seasons,” soulful cords and soft drum patterns make the listener partly nostalgic, and make the listener truly pause to enjoy the music in front of them. Next, in “We Were Alive, Together (First Position),” we witness a layer of ambiance later revealed to be subtle post-rock melodies that we all know and love so dearly. The melody fades, and suddenly transitions to “Washington”. Washington once again integrates Codes In The Clouds’ signature sound with lovely melody, and relaxed drum patterns. Later on in the track, the harmonious melody is teased and then finally played out in full. To round out the second half of the album, “The Reason in Madness, In Love” begins with a subtle, yet nostalgic and simple guitar melody. Eventually, this melody expands into beautiful crashing crescendos and drums, again elevating the true melodic nature of Codes In The Clouds. “Cold Calls” begins with subtle percussion hooks that put the listener at ease, and the melody follows shortly behind to round out this great track. In “If I’d Have Known It Was the Last (Second Position),” the listener is again teased by subtle melody in the album’s second shortest track. “The Tragedian” proves that post-rock can be loud and beautiful at the same time; soaring melodic guitars confirm this notion. Finally, to wrap the album up, “Your Panopticon” graces the listeners ears, and truly closes out this fantastic and one-of-a-kind album from the respectable Codes In The Clouds and the Erased Tapes music label.

Stream the album on your service of choice or consider supporting Codes In The Clouds & Erased Tapes as they both deserve your support.

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