Pittsburgh’s Underground: Lotuspike

Story originally spun off hearing Darshan Ambient’s amazing album entitled “From Pale Hands To Weary Skies“.

Pittsburgh… is it a boring music scene? Well, not really. At least Lotuspike music said otherwise, or did in the past.

Pittsburgh locals might consider visiting the Juke Records store on Liberty Avenue. Note that as Pittsburgh becomes a niche-only vinyl scene, compact discs are on their way out, according to Juke Records’ owner. Note that this specialty store will still special order compact discs for you if interested.

Lotuspike was a Pittsburgh born independent progressive ambient music label. Started by Ben Cox, Jeff Kowal, and Daniel Pipitone, this independent effort started back in 2004 when the three of these individuals had similar interests.


Lotuspike released music all the way up untill 2008, when they were absorbed into the more known music label merger entitled Spotted Peccary Music. The idea surrounding this change was to have music be more widely distributed, marketed, and heard by a larger audience.

If you’re anything like me, you don’t often hear new music releases as soon as they come out, due to the various extreme difficultly to safely secure a copy of a wanted record. Before technology was a stepping stone to ordering physical media to import it from another country, this was quite an unheard and foreign concept.


Explore Lotuspike’s releases on Discogs.

Explore Spotted Peccary’s releases on Discogs.

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