Helios – Veridias (2018 :: Ghostly International, GI-322)

Title: Helios – Veridias

Album Release Date: August 31, 2018

Written/Produced: Helios (Keith Kenniff) / http://www.unseen-music.com/

Mastering: Taylor Deupree / https://www.taylordeupree.com/

Cover: Oliver Barrett / https://oliverbarrett.com/

Graphic Design: Luke Twyman / http://whitevinyldesign.com/

Label: Ghostly International / https://ghostly.com/

Catalogue Number: GI-322

Genre: IDM, Chillout, Electronic

Currently releasing classically-inclined piano music on the Western Vinyl label with his Goldmund alias, sweet pop with his wife, Hollie Kenniff as Mint Julep, and ambient soundscapes as Helios, Keith Kenniff is truly a sonic architect in the modern world as a standout artist.

They say that heartful, inspired music heals the soul. Any year to be graced by an album release via the legendary composer, architect, visionary, and musical prodigy, Helios is truly a blessed year. Not only did 2018 see an amazing release on Ghostly International, but we also saw a release as Goldmund to the Western Vinyl label, entitled “Occasus“, showing of Kenniff’s more piano-inclined releases.

Pick up a physical copy of Helios’ Veridias (yeah, we all know physical copies are better) over at ghostly or at your local respectable record shop.


1. Seeming
2. Latest Lost
3. Dreams
4. Eventually
5. Even Today
6. Harmonia
7. North Wind
8. Toward You
9. Upward Beside The Gale
10. Row The Tide
11. Silverlight
12. Mulier

An excerpt from the lovely ghostly website…

Veriditas introduces unusual shapes and landscapes to the Helios catalog. Whereas past songs have followed traditional structures — discernable bell curves with beginnings, arcs, and ends — the focus here is texture and harmony. “I wanted to explore emotionality within something more static.” Synth-tones radiate and hum as vignettes, often crisp and cloudless, other times smeared to a queasy Boards of Canada-like unease. The latter burbles below the last moments of “Eventually” and looms over the opener “Seeming” like darkness inching across a forest. Tracks cease at will. “Seeming” fades just after a sliver of light cuts through the mossy pillars. “Latest Lost” mists for just one minute. “Row The Tide” for two, hovering like a helium balloon lost to the horizon. “Even Today” hangs above the snowcaps, suspended in an upper arboreal sequence, as shimmering surges of static trace the treetops below. Moments on Veriditas pass quickly, but as a series of moments, they are fluid, almost regenerative. Disassembling the album by instruments is difficult. Unlike past Helios work, there is no percussion. The one straightforward use of guitar appears on the ambling “Upward Beside The Gale,” strummed solemnly as if over end credits, watching the greenery lapse to grey in the twilight. In the second half of “Dreams,” crystalline piano chords converse with washes of orchestral notes and deep drone, advancing towards temporal clarity, a lookout point, that once presented evaporates. In a way, Veriditas parallels the path of the Helios project to date: patient, immense, and wondrous without ostentation. Kenniff continues to find a soothing and centering quality in his craft. Aligned with Hildegard von Bingen’s philosophy, Kenniff looks towards sound, like many do to nature, for momentary vigor, for elemental and nourishing prolificacy. Here, in pursuit of veriditas, with precise textures and harmonies, he humbly extends that verdant expression outward, wide and pliable.

Last Updated 3 Sep 2018

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