Various Artists – Of Tree (2018 :: Sun Sea Sky – SSS084)

Title: Various Artists – Of Tree

Compilation Release Date: 24 July, 2018

Written/Produced: Melorman (Antonis Haniotakis) / Mokhov (Oleg Mokhov) / Data Rebel (Danny Howe) / SineRider (Devin Powers)

Remixers: Ocean Lost, Behind Clouds, Jani R, Warmth

Mastering: Christopher Leary / Melograf

Graphic Design: Timothée Mathelin / shift.

Label: Sun Sea Sky Productions /

Catalogue Number: SSS084

Genre: Uplifting Electronic, Drum and Bass, Chillout

“Of Tree” is the latest organic forward-thinking compilation from Sun Sea Sky Productions, the exceptional electronic label headed in Charleston, Illinois. This unique sixteen-track compilation is packed with Sun Sea Sky resident artists and features newcomers on remix duty. Melorman (Greece), Mokhov (USA), Data Rebel (UK), and SineRider (US) graciously contributed three tracks each to this compilation. Four remixes are also presented on this one-of-a-kind release. Ocean Lost, AKA Stray Theories, contributes the first remix on “Of Tree”. Next on remix duty with a background in lo-fi electronic music is producer Behind Clouds. Virtuoso Jani R contributes a remix of Data Rebel’s “Zawn”. Finally, Spanish downtempo prodigy Warmth rounds out the release with a remix of SineRider’s “Kindling”.



  1. Melorman – Digital Twilight 04:47
  2. Melorman – Exelon 02:43
  3. Melorman – Ninety 03:57
  4. Mokhov – Sea Dream 03:35
  5. Mokhov – Sky Reflection 03:56
  6. Mokhov – Sun Teardrop 03:16
  7. Data Rebel – Jet Stream 05:20
  8. Data Rebel – Skyline 04:58
  9. Data Rebel – Zawn 06:50
  10. SineRider – Branches 04:13
  11. SineRider – Kindling 03:31
  12. SineRider – Redwood 06:04
  13. Melorman – Digital Twilight (Ocean Lost Remix) 05:55
  14. Mokhov – Sky Reflection (Behind Clouds Remix) 02:47
  15. Data Rebel – Zawn (Jani R Remix) 04:32
  16. SineRider – Kindling (Warmth Remix) 05:33

Total length: 01:12:05

As the compilation title hints, “Of Tree” is centered around the theme of exploring nature’s wonders and respecting those boundaries.

Sun Sea Sky veteran Melorman (Antonis Haniotakis) takes off with “Digital Twilight”, teasing a downtempo melody throughout the track. Layered beats are reflected, eventually turning into simplicity. “Exelon,” the second featured track teases melody, only to round out the second half of the track with complex patterns. In his final contribution to “Of Tree,” Melorman changes the formula with glitch-inspired “Ninety,” featuring vocal chops and unpredictable organic twists. Just as the listener expects the track to end at the three-minute mark, Melorman reveals a huge melodic breakdown.

Russian-born world traveler and one-of-a-kind backpack studio producer Oleg Mokhov contributes the next three tracks. Loyal fans of Mokhov’s productions will expect blissful and euphoric productions but may be surprised by the variety of blended genres throughout these tracks. “Sea Dream” begins with a short melodic tease, immediately leading into a drum and bass breakdown. A clever, attention to detail reader may discover Mokhov’s sneaky use of “Sun,” “Sea,” and “Sky” in the trio of tracks graciously provided for this compilation.

Data Rebel (UK) provides the next trio of tracks. “Jet Stream,” “Skyline,” and “Zawn”. Three strong, truly organic tracks explore top speeds, clouds, and finally, transition to “Zawn”.

Fresh off his latest Sun Sea Sky EP entitled “Lonely Ocean”, maestro US producer SineRider (Devin Powers) contributes the last set of three unforgettable tracks to this release. Devin truly chases nature, barking up the trees with “Braches,” “Kindling,” and “Redwood.” “Branches” features deep inspired pads as Devin further explores the tree. In “Kindling,” SineRider transitions to his roots, with heavy catchy beats, before we are left with a brief silence. The last track, entitled “Redwood” features a heavenly downtempo melody to inspire the listener.

Something tells me that I’ll be back to revisit this one soon…

Last Updated 2 Sep 2018

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