Essential Labels: Sun Sea Sky Productions

Electronic music labels come and go every so often. We consistently ask ourselves the same repeated question: Who releases high quality forward-thinking beats these days? is an independent music label out of Charleston, Illinois focused on releasing wholesome quality original recordings.

In a different age of consumable media, (1999) Sun Sea Sky Productions mainly focused on indie punk and a variety of genre-spanning artists such as Midsummer, Neighborly, Pound WI, Proudentall, Seestrings, Sentient, Ships On Fire, and Sunday Flood.

In 2018, Sun Sea Sky Productions is hard at work arranging, recording, and releasing electronic instrumental beats. Some of the great current artist roster Illinois’ Sun Sea Sky has to offer are the likes of SineRider, Mokhov, Melorman, Obfusc, Good Weather For An Airstrike, newcomers Charm Days and CИTROPY, and Northcape.

The label occasionally releases free remixes and compilations; the latest being remixes of Melorman’s “Somewhere, Someday & Away,” with label regulars on remix duty, and a few newcomers such as IG88.

Alternatively, pick up Sun Sea Sky Production’s “Seasons: Volume One” to check out what the label has to offer. Seasons: Volume One features a whopping forty tracks to explore from everything the label has to offer: Mokhov all the way to The Echelon Effect.

Northcape + Obfusc – Reprojected (SSS085)

Reprojected, by Northcape + Obfusc

Reprojected by Northcape + Obfusc, releases 04 September 2018 1. Infinite Is Yr Heart (Northcape Remix) 2. Glasshouse (Obfusc Remix) 3. Amateur Cartography (Northcape Remix) 4. Detach (Obfusc Remix) 5. Sounds From Shattered Seashells (Northcape Remix) 6.


Look out for the newest collaboration project release between Northcape and Obfusc, due out 4 September 2018.

Obfusc makes a debut appearance on the Sun Sea Sky Music label with this unique and one of a kind release. Label veteran Northcape returns to offer renditions of Obfusc’s tracks.

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